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Right drug in right dose for right patient at right time via right route is defined as one of the promising outcome of personalized, multi-omic medicine. Systematic drug repositioning enables the translation of insights from computational analyses coupled with laboratory based or experimental findings to bench side in a shorter span of time. From the first report of drug repositioning in early 1950s till 2016, more than 250 successful reports have been published in the literature. We analyzed the repertoire of such cases reported and derived a molecular code for drug repositioning. The analyses of the data in the format of drugs, primary indications and secondary indications reveal molecular preferences; ligand classes, functional roles and pathways were drug repositioning was successful. We envisage our first report on global analyses of successful drug repositioning space and RepurposeDB could help to develop predictive models of drug repositioning and can have major influence in personalized drug repositioning, an emerging therapeutic area in data-driven, individualized medicine.

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