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Drug repositioning offers a cost-effective, accelerated and effective strategy for pharmaceutical companies and discovery driven treatment options for patients. Focused clinical trials may be required to re-validate the use of repurposed indications. Ancillary techniques of repositioning including reformulation strategies (altered dosage, drug combinations, mode of delivery) can help to identify better therapeutic interventions for complex and orphan diseases alike. Repositioning investigations can also reveal serendipitous examples where a prior clinical, comorbidities, shared pathway, or other biological evidence does not exist. Such off-target or poly pharmacology drove results can be further perturbed using controlled experiments to understand shared disease pathways. The future outlook of drug repositioning is promising for patient communities, translational researchers and the pharmaceutical industry. Patient communities will greatly benefit from drug repositioning as it provides accelerated treatment strategies with limited side effects in a short period compared to the traditional drug development life cycle. Understanding clinical representations and their molecular phenotype is key for translational research and enabling precision medicine. Tracking the mechanism of actions for new indications could also help in understanding themolecular basis of genetic, complex, chronic or rare diseases. Pharmaceutical companies could leverage their large repertoires of public and private compound libraries in search of molecules that can provide better secondary indications and primary indications for rare diseases. The absence of a common, community standard in reporting, aggregating, and dissemination data standard is hindering knowledge dissemination of drug repositioning and new therapeutic indications of existing pharmaceutical agents. We introduce Minimum Information About Drug Repositioning Investigations (MIADRI). MIADRI is a new standard for indexing, aggregation and meta-analyses of drug repositioning investigations. We are using MIADRI as a standard data submission and data-model to submit new drug repositioning investigations to RepurposeDB. We are actively developing MIADRI; please contact us if you have any feedback to improve the standard. You can use the MIADRI submission form below to submit your drug repositioning investigation.

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