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Disease DxID Primary Indication Orphan indications* Rare indication Common indication
Dx000053 Acute myelogenous leukemia Aldesleukin Cladribine; clofarabine Idarubicin
Dx000175 Acute myelogenous leukemia with multilineage dysplasia Azacitidine
Dx000177 Acute myeloid leukemia Busulfan; filgrastim; histamine; idarubicin Azacitidine; cladribine; daunorubicin; decitabine Filgrastim
Dx001068 Acute myocardial infarction Tenecteplase
Dx000661 Acute myocarditis Immuneglobulin intravenous (human)
Dx000432 Acute non-lymphocytic leukemia Cytarabine
Dx000449 Acute nonlymphiocytic leukemia (myelogenous, monocytic, erythroid) Daunorubicin
Dx000642 Acute nonlymphocytic leukemia Idarubicin
Dx000452 Acute nonlymphocytic leukemia (myelogenous, monocytic, erythroid) Daunorubicin
Dx000146 Acute organ rejection Rabbit anti-human thymocyte globulin Anti-tac (human)
Dx000621 Acute porphyrias Heme arginate
Dx000077 Acute promyelocytic leukemia Alitretinoin; sodium phenylbutyrate Tretinoin
Dx000754 Acute renal failure Mannitol
Dx000286 Acute respiratory distress syndrome Calfactant
Dx001113 Adenocarcinoma of the breast Thiotepa
Dx001111 Adenocarcinoma of the ovary Thiotepa
Dx000902 Adenocarcinoma of the pancreas Paclitaxel
Dx000164 ADHD Atomoxetine
Dx000450 Adult acute lymphocytic leukemia Daunorubicin
Dx000437 Adult acute non-lymphocytic leukemi Cytarabine

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