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Disease DxID Primary Indication Orphan indications* Rare indication Common indication
Dx000559 Cancer Filgrastim Ethacrynic acid
Dx000346 Candidiasis Clotrimazole Ketoconazole
Dx000726 Candiduria Ketoconazole
Dx000969 Capillary leakage syndrome Recombinant human c1 inhibitor
Dx000693 Carcinoma in situ of the urinary bladder Interferon alfa-2b (recombinant)
Dx000799 Cardiac allograft rejection Methoxsalen
Dx000130 Cardiac arrhythmia Amiloride hydrochloride; digitoxin
Dx001060 Cardiovascular disease Tadalafil
Dx000746 Carnitine deficiency Levocarnitine Levocarnitine
Dx000614 Causalgia Guanethidine monosulfate
Dx000812 Central nervous system infections Metyrosine
Dx000110 Central venous access device (CVAD) occlusions Alteplase
Dx000755 Cerebral edema Mannitol
Dx000884 Cerebral vasospasm Nitroprusside
Dx000088 Chagas' disease Allopurinol
Dx000161 Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type 1A Ascorbic acid
Dx000531 Chemotherapy Epoetin alfa; ifosfamide
Dx000086 Chemotherapy-induced hyperuricemia Allopurinol
Dx000974 Child-Pugh class A cirrhosis Ribavirin
Dx000932 Cholangiocarcinoma Porfimer

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