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Disease DxID Primary Indication Orphan indications* Rare indication Common indication
Dx000930 High-grade dysplasia Porfimer Porfimer
Dx000717 Histoplasmosis Itraconazole; ketoconazole
Dx000168 HIV Epoetin alfa; interferon alfa-2a; plerixafor; rifabutin; testosterone; tramadol hydrochloride Atovaquone Rifabutin
Dx000870 HIV-1 infection Nevirapine
Dx001032 HIV-associated adipose redistribution syndrome Somatropin
Dx000064 HIV-associated neuropathy Mepivacaine; tramadol hydrochloride Alfentanil Capsaicin
Dx000897 HIV-wasting syndrome Oxandrolone
Dx000234 Hodgkin's disease Bleomycin; doxorubicin Doxorubicin; thiotepa
Dx000240 Hodgkin's lymphoma Bleomycin
Dx001047 Homozygous cystinuria Succimer
Dx000950 Hormonal imbalance Progesterone
Dx000983 Huntington disease Riluzole
Dx000350 Huntington's disease Tetrabenazine Cysteamine hydrochloride Clotrimazole; tetrabenazine
Dx000206 Hyaline membrane disease Beractant
Dx001010 Hyperammonemic encephalopathy Sodium phenylbutyrate
Dx000564 Hypercalcemia Etidronate disodium
Dx000340 Hyperekplexia Clonazepam
Dx000282 Hyperphosphatemia Calcium carbonate
Dx000269 Hyperprolactinemia Bromocriptine
Dx000128 Hypertension Mecamylamine; phentolamine Amiloride hydrochloride; bethanidine; guanethidine monosulfate; guanfacine

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