Rx00194 - Porfimer

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Disease prevalence from Electronic Health Records

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Disease A Disease B A∩B A∩¬B B∩¬A Odds-Ratio P-Value Adjusted P-Value
completely obstructing endobronchial non-small-cell lung cancer partially obstructing endobronchial non-small-cell lung cancer 6927 6927 6927 582.492 0 0.0
partially obstructing esophageal cancer completely obstructing esophageal cancer 998 998 998 4043.01 0 0.0
completely obstructing esophageal cancer partially obstructing esophageal cancer 998 998 998 4043.01 0 0.0
partially obstructing endobronchial non-small-cell lung cancer microinvasive endobronchial NSCLC 5146 6927 5146 582.492 0 0.0
microinvasive endobronchial NSCLC partially obstructing endobronchial non-small-cell lung cancer 5146 5146 6927 582.492 0 0.0

Chemical, Pharmacological and Biological Annotations

ATC Code:
PhotoBarr (Axcan)
Antineoplastic Agents; Dermatologic Agents; Photosensitizing Agents
Indicated in the treatment of esophageal cancer.
Porfimer is a photosensitizing agent used in the photodynamic therapy (PDT) of tumors. Porfimer is indicated for the palliation of patients with completely obstructing esophageal cancer, or of patients with partially obstructing esophageal ...
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The purified component of hematoporphyrin derivative, it consists of a mixture of oligomeric porphyrins. It is used in photodynamic therapy (hematoporphyrin photoradiation); to treat malignant lesions with visible light and experimentally a...
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Cellular damage caused by porfimer is a consequence of the propagation of radical reactions. Radical initiation may occur after porfimer absorbs light to form a porphyrin excited state. Spin transfer from porfimer to molecular oxygen may th...
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Adsorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion and Toxicity

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